We are welcoming steel coils and hazardous chemicals at our brand new terminal in Zwijndrecht

After the rain comes the sun !

At Mexico Natie the Blue Star site offers specialised services to the chemical and feed/food industry and supports the steel industry with storage and transport solutions.

David Maes, site manager of Blue Star commented “the railway is a more sustainable way of adding payload to the transport and our Mexico Natie team is well-experienced to handle this heavy cargo. In addition we have the possiblity to unload railwagons inside the warehouse which is a pre-requisite for moisture-sensitive products. This railway capability has also been extended to receive and send both hazardous and non-hazardous packed chemicals via rail for further storage and value added services at Mexico Natie or (trans)shipment to final European customers”.

Please contact our specialists  Yves Verlinden or Jeffi Willemsen for more information.