Mexico Natie provides added value to your supply chain

Mexico Natie handles a wide range of products and provides various services offering added value to its customers.
Our extensive range of services, as well as our experience and know-how in logistics, ensure that you can rely on us as your full-service partner.


Mexico Natie has numerous storage facilities on both the right and left bank. Right bank: 150,000 m2 , left bank: 80,000 m2. The warehouses are fully compliant with regard to the storage of our core commodities and specializations.


Mexico Natie has Seveso-approved facilities for the storage of dangerous goods.


All warehouses have a customs warehouse permit for the storage of non-EU goods. Mexico Natie also has a recognized excise warehouse and a licensed excise establishment.

Food safety

As a storage company, Mexico Natie is in possession of the necessary permits and approvals from the Belgium Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) for the storage of packaged food and feed products at the appropriate ambient temperatures. Mexico Natie is the only storage company in Flanders to ship goods through this warehouse to China.

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Special warehouse for steel

Equiped with special equipment for handling long and flat steel products. Prime and second choice material.

Value-added services

Mexico Natie offers various value-added services related to chemicals:
Liquid drumming facility for various chemical products from ISO tank container to drums / IBCs / cans.

Sample taking Chemical distribution platform with integrated GHS system.

Repacking and debulking of liquids and solid products Dry product packaging (granulates/powders) Conditioning of chemical products: filtering, blending, diluting and sieving, metal detection and heating.

Mexico Natie contributes added value to its food handling services through the repackaging, labelling and sampling of dry food and feed products.


Mexico Natie offers a wide variety of stevedoring services at the Bevrijdingsdok. The terminal consists of 250,000 m2 of quay area in combination (if desired) with another 50,000 m2 of covered storage. Our mobile 3 harbour cranes can handle up to 150 tons when operating in tandem.

The terminal facilitates green multimodal transport with daily barge connections to all key deepsea terminals and hinterland connections by rail. The terminal can accommodate vessels with a maximum draft of 15 metres.

Mexico Natie arranges loading and unloading of liner -and charter vessels. The terminal is equipped with adequate hoisting material and handling equipment for containers and an extensive range of cargo, including roro, general cargo, timber, steel products and project cargo.

Container Freight Station

At the terminal Mexico Natie operates a Container Freight Station for the stripping and stuffing of all types of containers and the handling of out of gauge cargo. Thanks to its ideal location at the Bevrijdingsdok Mexico Natie can offer daily barge connections to all key deepsea terminals. The Container Freight Station also offers container fumigation services.

Trimodal Transport

Mexico Natie operates a diversified, well-maintained vehicle fleet for its distribution activities, which consists of tractors, trailers, low loaders and multifunctional container chassis and tank containers. With this equipment, Mexico Natie provides port transport and the international transport of goods and containers to and from its warehouses. The fleet is equipped for ADR transport. Thanks to the ideal location of its warehouses and terminal Mexico Natie is able to offer trimodal transport solutions by rail and barge.

Forwarding and Customs

In addition to the organization of all your logistics flows, Mexico Natie also takes care of all necessary import and export documents, including customs formalities and bookings with shipping agents.