Our chemical filling services are at high speed even more during the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2015 Mexico Natie added 170.000m2 total surface at the left bank with Blue Star Storage NV. In 2017 additional investments in liquid filling, iso tank storage and dangerous goods warehouses were successfully completed. Last year Mexico Natie added the solid chemical repacking activities of Ahlers.

Currently Mexico Natie is operating more than 250.000m2 chemicals surface whereof more than 70.000m2 dedicated to hazardous chemical products. An important location is the Altamira site, headquarters of Mexico Natie where filling, drumming and blending is performed for top chemical producers.

Bob Carlier, technical manager of Mexico Natie’s Chemical Value Added Services commented “we see an exponential growth of customer demand especially in the last-minute repacking services as drumming/canning of sanitary products as well other chemical products. Even now during the COVID-19 pandemic Mexico Natie’s scalable and flexible labour force is ideally positioned to cope with structural (campaign) business as well as with peak demand. This is also the result of pooling people in a multi-customer environment and the availability of multiple filling (drumming, canning) lines and storage compartments.

Also now during the COVID-19 pandemic the complete Mexico Natie team is at your service to fufill your immediate business needs as well as to understand how we can support your longer term Supply Chain Challenges. Stay safe!

Please contact our specialists  Yves Verlinden or Jeffi Willemsen for more information.