Mexico Natie offers a comprehensive package of solutions tailored to your goods

As a logistics specialist, Mexico Natie offers a comprehensive package of solutions for the following product categories.


Mexico Natie has a Seveso-approved warehouse on both the left and right bank. The warehouses comply with all legal requirements for the storage of dangerous goods and are equipped with the necessary foam and water sprinkler systems. If necessary, we can store goods in temperature-controlled compartments.
Mexico Natie can facilitate the storage of tank containers, with the option of heating ISO tank containers on the ADR parking facility.

In addition to storage, Mexico Natie takes care of the distribution of ADR goods with its ADR-equipped fleet, both general cargo, containers and tank container transport.

Steel products

Mexico Natie organizes the storage, handling and transport of various types of steel products:

Long steel products (tubes/beams/bars)

Flat steel products (coils/plates)

Mexico Natie provides port transport and international transport of steel products. Thanks to the ideal location of its warehouses and terminal Mexico Natie can offer trimodal transport solutions by rail and barge.

Food & feed

Mexico Natie has temperature and humidity-controlled storage areas for the handling and storage of raw and semi-finished packed products. All of Mexico Natie’s food warehouses are subjected to a thorough pest control programme. Mexico Natie contributes added value to its food handling services through the repackaging of dry food and feed products.

General and project cargo

Mexico Natie offers different consolidation options at its warehouses and terminal. The company operates multipurpose warehouses and equipment for the storage and handling of an extensive range of products. Our customers can rely on Mexico Natie for the seaworthy securing and/or packaging of their cargo.

Forest products

Mexico Natie facilitates the storage, handling and transport of various wood products: timber, plywood, paper, pulp & cellulose.